My Free Circus

Discover the Colorful Circus App

Let the show begin! Our entertaining clown app My Free Circus grants you the unique opportunity to open your very own circus. Dive into the colorful world of circus performers, enchant your visitors with exotic animals and create your own magnificent circus grounds. In My Free Circus, you'll manage everything that comes with running your own circus. Provide food for your entertainers by tending the the fields, cook your own home-cooked meals and supply your human and animal performers as well as the excited circusgoers with all sorts of culinary delicacies. It's your job to create the most captivating and impressive shows imagineable, so you'll need to hire performers, buy and train animals, and hone their skills. The more popular your circus shows are, the more money you'll be able to rake in. My Free Circus combines sensational clown app features with innovative circus app customization options. These include:

  • A wide variety of performers you can hire from your show, ranging from knife throwrs and animal tamers to magicians and tightrope walkers
  • Countless circus app attractions, decorations and amenities such as baking, kitchen and candy wagons
  • Vibrant, detailed My Free Circus graphics and fantastic animations
  • Exciting quests and challenges in an all-round entertaining app
  • Simple and intuitive game controls that guarantee long-lasting fun

The Entertaining Circus App

Discover the fascinating possibilities of My Free Circus. This stunning circus simulation app allows you to establish your own virtual circus. Create the show of your dreams and show off camels, lions and majestic elephants. Delight your visitors, increase your revenue and develop the best circus of all time.

Experience the amazing cross-platform game My Free Circus, which can be played as both an app and a browser game. With a single account, you can enjoy the circus on the go on your tablet, smartphone, iPad or iPhone, or at home on a desktop or laptop. All features can be used on any device!

Off we go!

Download MyFreeCircus for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. Manage your very own circus. Take care of your performers, tend to your animals and attract many crowds of visitors to your shows. Step right up to My Free Circus!