My Free Farm 2

The Free Farm for your iPad or Android Tablet

In the 3D game My Free Farm 2, you slip into the role of a virtual farmer and establish your own agricultural property with fruitful fields, adorable animals and production plants. The entire game area can be turned in all directions, and can be zoomed in and out of for close-up views. With My Free Farm 2, the game developer from Bamberg, upjers, presents a spin-off of its popular eponymous browser game, My Free Farm. My Free Farm 2 is a standalone app with a completely new game world, available as an iPad and tablet app. Of course, you can download it for free in the App Store. My Free Farm 2 offers an enjoyable game experience on your iPad, lots of creative freedom, and countless exciting features. The further you progress in the game, the more areas and features you can use. Cultivate up to 20 plants on your farm property – ranging from onions and cucumbers to exotics such as sugar cane –, keep, care for and feed 6 different animal species, process your crops at 15 different production sites and embellish your farm with countless enchanting decorations. Serve your customers with top-of-the-line produce and products that you can make with production chains. For instance, flowers can be used to make honey, which can in turn be used to bake honey bread. There are over 80 products overall in My Free Farm 2!
Build your farm however you want it. Become a farmer now! After all, you can play My Free Farm 2 for free. After downloading the App in the App Store, you can jump into the game straight away. Dive into a fascinating, three dimensional world. Expand your farm for free, and gradually turn it into an idyllic countryside haven. If you like free farm games, you will love My Free Farm 2! Get the app now and experience the excitement! After downloading the app, you can play this farm game free! Let’s go!

Design your own Farm in My Free Farm 2

If you want to try out farm games without the hassle of registering, My Free Farm 2 is just right for you! The app offers entertaining gameplay on your iPad. Create your own farm. Cultivate crops, keep animals, expand your farm and beautify the landscape with all sorts of decorations. Embark on a grand adventure! You’ll be able to play My Free Farm 2 right away after downloading the app.